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Brand: Jeekan Arts desertcadle.jpg
Desert Candle
Pack of 04

- 40.1% ₹ 299/-* ₹499.00/-
Reviews: 45
Immerse yourself in the calming glow and rustic charm. Bring the spirit of the desert indoors with our Desert Candle.

Brand: Jeekan Arts Motichoorladdo.jpg
Motichoor Laddu Candle
Pack of 06

- 55% ₹ 180/-* ₹400.00/-
Reviews: 36
Experience the joy of festivities with our Motichoor Laddu Candle. Handcrafted bliss to sweeten your space. Perfect for gifting or creating a warm amb
Brand: Jeekan Arts rosedrumm1.jpg
Rose Drum Candle
Pack of 02

- 67.9% ₹ 160/-* ₹499.00/-
Reviews: 33
A rose drum candle is a unique and stylish decorative candle designed in the shape of a cylindrical drum, adorned with intricate rose patterns. Crafte
Brand: Jeekan Arts Threadcandle.jpg
Thread knot Candle
Pack of 03

- 47.5% ₹ 210/-* ₹400.00/-
Reviews: 30
Beautifully designed candle to give a gracious look.

Brand: Jeekan Arts Peonyflower.jpg
Peony Bloom Flower Candle
Pack of 02

- 50% ₹ 250/-* ₹500.00/-
Reviews: 30
Unfold elegance with our Peony Bloom Flower Candle. Each petal holds a world of fragrance, casting a spell of serenity. Ideal for refined settings or
Brand: Jeekan Arts Floatting.jpg
Floating Flower Candles
Pack of 08

- 60.1% ₹ 399/-* ₹1000.00/-
Reviews: 28
Elevate your ambiance with our Floating Flower Candles. Effortlessly stylish, these delicate blooms add a touch of tranquility to any space......
Brand: Jeekan Arts rosedrumc.jpg
Mini Rose Pillar Candle
Pack of 05

- 50% ₹ 150/-* ₹300.00/-
Reviews: 26
Unveil romance with our Mini Rose Pillar Candle. Exquisite and compact, these candles bloom with the fragrance of love. .....
Brand: Jeekan Arts Rainbow.jpg
Rainbow Arch Pillar Candle
Pack of 02

- 66.7% ₹ 100/-* ₹300.00/-
Reviews: 25
A rainbow arch pillar candle is a vibrant and colorful decorative candle designed in the shape of a sturdy pillar with a mesmerizing rainbow gradient.

Brand: Jeekan Arts tealight.jpg
Tealight Candles
Pack of 12 candles

- 5% to 40% ₹ ***/-* ₹799.00/-
Reviews: 23
Perfect for Diwali and other occassions ,these aromatic tealights will be a perfect gift for your house. Made in 100% pure soywax , these candles can
Brand: Jeekan Arts rosebud.jpg
Rose Bud Candle
Pack of 02

- 5% to 40% ₹ ***/-* ₹300.00/-
Reviews: 19
Rose bud candle is a delicately crafted decorative candle designed in the shape of a closed rose bud. Made from high-quality wax, soft, ambient light

*Prices are for the smallest package unit and subject to MOQ.