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Shipping Policy of Superdham
(Released on 1st January 2024)
This shipping policy was adopted by on 1st January 2024 and released for reference to the public on the same day. This is generally binding to all the shipping operations directly managed by and to the maximum possible extent by our delivery partners and logistic services providers. The details of the compliance by our partners are notified from time to time in the business transaction documents if not published in our website platform.
Packing of Products Guidelines
  1. shall make sure that the product being supplied to the customers is packaged properly with the right selection of packing material and the process which is carried out by skilled manpower.
  2. The selection of packing material should be done by considering the state of the product (solid, semi solid, liquid and gaseous substance), density of the product, and overall size of the product and compressive properties of the product.
  3. The packing quality shall be ensured to comply with the requirement so that product package can withstand the damage which could occur due to regular handling or mishandling during transportation and till the delivery at the door-step or nearest motorable point on the road.
Transportation Guidelines
  1. Delivery partners and logistic service providers have been advised to maintain a cooling period of less than 4 Hours and load the consignment on priority delivery vehicles if the products are carrying the QA check seal of . This is to ensure that delivery time for the product is to be kept to a minimum.
  2. The incharge for road transport shall ensure that consignment of the are not delayed on road due to any known reasons. Proper care is to be taken so that the consignment is not damaged due to the sun shine, rain, cold weather, or natural calamities.
  3. All arrangements shall be made by the delivery partner to deliver the consignment at the address/ location shared by the customer, provided the address/ location can be reached by four wheeler.
  4. The delivery partner shall deliver the product to an alternate location if the previously notified delivery point is not reachable, provided the distance travelled to alternate point is not more than the distance if could have been travelled to the earlier point.
  5. Delivery partners have the option either to ask for additional money if the distance travelled for delivery is more due to change of delivery location for which charges have not been billed in the order or return the goods back as per policy guideline applicable for non-traceable customer locations.
Last mile delivery guidelines
  1. Delivery partners have been advised to deliver all products at the point nearest to customer address which can be reached by four wheel drive. Delivery partners shall not ask for any additional money provided they are instructed to provide any extra service of keeping the product in the store room, arranging or rearranging the stack of products etc.
  2. Delivery partners have been trained to be polite while delivering the products and have been advised to explain the product packing, or allow the customer to check the product by opening the product packing.
  3. Any discrepancy if noticed should be filled in the form available with the delivery partner for taking necessary action by The delivery partner is not authorised to take-back the consignment in any situation.
  4. Customers are advised to keep in touch with for return of the product if required in compliance to the applicable policies.
This policy is subject to amendments which shall be notified through our website platform. Current versions of the policies in force at the time of business transaction shall only be applicable.