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Brand: Marmo Solutions
Product Code: YM6C2
Marmo Natura Cleaner

A range of versatile cleaner or stain remover which helps to remove stains, cleans & maintain hygiene of floors & walls.

1 Ltr. Can | 5 Ltr. Can

- 25.2% ₹ 1200.00/-*

MARMONATURA CLEANER: 1. It is a cleaning agent based on inorganic acids with non-ionogenic surfactants, rust inhibitors and adjuvants. The surfactants contained are biodegradable in correspondence with the legal regualations for surfactants. 2. Application Field: Marmonatura cleaner clears away lime concrete residuals and films blooming on siliceous-bound natural stones, fairfaced concrete, pebble concrete slabs, acid resistant tiles and clinkers as well as brick and cotto slabs. Due to its composition Marmonatura cleaner is also excellently suited to the cleaning of stones which tend to the formation of rust, e.g. Serrizzo or some bayerwald granites. The product can be used indoor and outdoor. 3. Usage Instruction: a. Wet surface thoroughly. b. Dilute the product with water in the ration of 1:1 up to 1:20 and apply to stone surface. c. Allow the product to work for 5-20 minutes. d. For deep staining scrub with a brush. e. Rinse thoroughly with water and remove any excess with a water vac until the surface is free of cleaning agents. 4. Notes: a. Do not allow contact with plants, otherwise rinse immediately with water. Concentrated and diluted solutions must not be emptied in plantations. b. D no apply on slabs, tiles and natural stones (marble( which are not resistant to acids as well as on eloxal, enamel or similar. Inert metals, iron, zinc, allumimium and others of the series can be corroded by the product resp. its vapours. If in doubt test on an inconspicious area. c. For adequate waste disposal container must be completely emptied. d. Do not mix the product with hot water. 5. Safety Measures: see EC safety Data Sheet. 6. Technical Data: Coverage Approx. 10-20 sq.m/liter (if applied purely) Color Yellowish Clear Density <1 Shelf-life 3 years approx. If stored in cool place free from frost in its tightly closed original container. NOTICE: The above information is based on the latest stage of technical progress. It is to be considered as a non binding hint and does not release the user from a performance test, since application, processing and environmental influences are beyond our realm of control.

Product Fact Sheet:
Manufactured by Marmo Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Country of Origin India
Pincode for Delivery: 560024
Selling Partner:
Yucan Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru

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