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Brand: Marmo Solutions
Product Code: YM7M9

Used for an easy and colour matching colouring of transparent adhesive.

100 Gm.

- 31.8% ₹ 600.00/-*

Marmotint: 1. Marmotint are paste like concentrates in numerous color shades. Area of application: Marmotint are used for an easy and color matching coloring of transparent adhesive in cans according to the color codes of the marmo solutions color matching system. Invisible bonding joints can be made on engineered stone, ceramic and natural as well as artificial stones. Usage instruction: a. Add 1 max. 15% of marmotint to adhesive, depending on the color of both paste and stone. b. Mix well until a homogenous shade of color is achieved. Notes: a. Hardener to be added after the color has been adjusted b. For proper waste disposal, the container must be completely emptied. Technical data: a. Color +50 b. Density approx. 1.5g/cm cube

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