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Brand: Marmo Solutions
Product Code: YN3S1W
Marmoflex-S1 (White)

It is a C2TES1 grade adhesive for internal and external floor and wall areas, for fixing thin tiles, natural, composite and impregnate stones.

20 Kg Bag | 50 Kg Bag

- 30% ₹ 1600.00/-*

Usage area: -Interiors and exterior bonding of stone and agglomerate material (provided that they are classified as stable and not irreversibly sensitive to moisture) -spot bonding of insulating material in interior such as expanded polystyrene, rock and glass wool, sound deadening panels, etc -Interior and exterior bonding up to 15 mm thick on floors of ceramic tile of every type and size on uneven substrates an renders, without having to level the flooring beforehand.

Product Fact Sheet:
Manufactured by Marmo Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Country of Origin India
Packed Unit Weight 20 Kg
Storage Advisory Store in a cool environment
Pincode for Delivery: 560024
Selling Partner:
Yucan Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru

Unit Price: 1,600/- Delivery: 60/-
Delivery in 1 to 2 Days

*Prices are for the smallest package unit and subject to MOQ.
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