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Brand: Marmo Solutions
Product Code: YN3SW
Marmoflex-S (White)

MARMOFLEX-S (WHITE) is a C2TE grade can be used for Internal floor and wall areas, for fixing tiles, natural marbles.

20 Kg. Bag | .

- 35.2% ₹ 1350.00/-*

Marmo flex-S is High-performance cementitious adhesive with SAS (Shock Absorbing System) & no vertical slip and extended open time for ceramic tiles and stone material. And It contains cement, silica, water retentions additives & flexible additives also. It is also recommended for indoor floor and walls both but with some limitations of tiles and stone sizes. CLASSIFICATION IN COMPLIANCE WITH ISO 13007: Marmoflex-S is an improved (2) slip resistant (T) cementitious adhesive (C) with extended open time (E) classified as C2TE.

Product Fact Sheet:
Manufactured by Marmo Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Country of Origin India
Packed Unit Weight 20 Kg
Storage Advisory Store in a cool environment
Pincode for Delivery: 560024
Selling Partner:
Yucan Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru

Unit Price: 1,350/- Delivery: 0/-
Delivery in 1 to 2 Days

*Prices are for the smallest package unit and subject to MOQ.
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